Team Members:

Stephen McCarthy
Andrew Lake
Andhita Primandini
James Hayes


SafePath is a personal safety mobile application designed to keep students, faculty, and staff of UMCP safe as they walk to and around campus. It features a safety heatmap, functionality to alert campus police in the event of an emergency, and information about campus safety services.


project #1 - Proposal:
external image pdf.png SafePath - Proposal.pdf
Safe Path - Presentation

project #2 - Task Analysis:

project #3 - Task Refinement, Storyboarding, and Video Prototyping:
SafePath - Task Refinement, Storyboarding, and Video Prototyping
Safe Path - Video

Project #4 - Lo-to-Mid Fidelity Prototype Testing and Refinement:

SafePath - Extra Credit Video

Final Video
Final Video (revised)
Final Paper