Personal safety information in GPS device during travelling

Team Members:
  • Ricardo Kreyhsig
  • James Leffler
  • Amrit Khatri
  • Nita Sutreja

In this project our goal is to design a device that enhances the use of a GPS to also provide personal safety information. Our proposed solution will keep users away from danger and crime by warning them about certain areas. That could potentially prevent them from walking into a trap by giving them real time information on a smart phone or GPS device. This feature will gather the location and other information about user state, and would send this information alert to local public safety officers, and could also
potentially contact family and friends connected through social networks. This device will benefit everyone, particularly those who live or travel in areas in which crime indices are high.



User Research

Task Refinement, Storyboarding, and video Prototyping

Lo-to-Mid Fidelity Prototype Testing and Refinement

Final Presentation PPT

Final Paper

Link to Final Video